Drawinterview with Tammy Fenech, coordinator of Fashion Revolution Malta

In 2018, Tammy was studying Sustainable Fashion when she launched the Maltese branch of Fashion Revolution, a global movement for a more Ethical and Sustainable Fashion. Tammy has kindly answered my questions about her journey, her favorite outfit and Fashion Revolution Malta.

drawing of Tammy, coordinator of Fashion Revolution Malta

Who are you?

I am Tamara Fenech, but everyone calls me Tammy. In 2013 I graduated with a Fashion Design degree which is where I found my passion for sustainable fashion & communication. After that I did a few internships with sustainable fashion brands and also gained some work experience in the field, in a few places around the world. Two and a half years ago, I moved to Berlin to start a Masters degree in Sustainability in Fashion, which I graduated in last October. A year ago I became the country coordinator of Fashion Revolution Malta, a global movement calling for a fairer & cleaner fashion industry – a non-profit organisation with a presence in over 100 countries around the world. Our vision is a fashion industry that values people, the environment, profit and creativity in equal measure.

What gave you the idea to launch Fashion Revolution Malta?

Last year I was going to be in Malta during FR Week. A few opportunities came about and it felt like the right moment to bring the conversation home. So I thought, I may as well set it off.

Could you tell me the story of your outfit?

This is one of my favourite outfits, from a few of my favourite brands. My jeans are from a Dutch brand called MUD Jeans, a brand that has built a business model that allows customers to rent jeans on a subscription model, were you can return your jeans for a new pair, should you wish to exchange them. I love their concept. My dress, which I wear as a top too a lot of the times, is from my all time favourite brand Reformation. I love their style, their look, their message, their everything. I find this piece so versatile and adaptable to different occasions, depending on how it is styled.
What I love about this outfit, from the pair of jeans to the black slip dress down to the Doc Martins shoes, is the fact that it is timeless. These are all items that do not follow any particular trend and will always be wearable and adaptable to present times. They are pieces that will last in my wardrobe.

Do you know good places (shops or fashion designers) to shop ethically in Malta?

In Malta it is slightly challenging – but also Malta is going through a time of change – I would firstly recommend to get to know the local designers on the scene – supporting them is always a great way to start. With regards to other high street brands, there are a few that are making more changes than others towards a more sustainable fashion future – so supporting those brands over others that do less, would be another way to go. For example some brands have more sustainable collections or are beginning to offer more sustainable materials – so its great to look at labels for the material contents & at the swing tags for any additional information should they be sustainable.

What events are planned in Malta for Fashion Revolution Week this year?

We are super excited to say that we have a whole week of events lines up for our second year running. This year we have managed to partner and team up with a variety of other organisations likes Zibel Malta (a local NGO organising clean-ups in Malta), Friends of the Earth Malta, Salt & C Malta, Malta Creative Collective, Levis and many more. On the agenda are a couple of Screenings & panel discussions, a clothes swap, 3 workshops and a Repair Cafe, were together with Levis we are offering free repair services for up to 5 pieces each. We are every excited about the whole week and cannot wait to see their outcomes!

Thank you Tammy! For more information on Fashion Revolution Malta:
* Fashion Revolution Website
* Fashion Revolution Malta on facebook
* Fashion Revolution Malta on instagram
* Tammy’s instagram page

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Slow Fashion: my favorites (1)

This article is the first of my new favorites format. I’m changing my favorites posts in order to write thematic articles. I start today with my latest Sustainable Fashion favorites:

* The red gown worn by Danielle Macdonald at the Academy Awards

This glamourous gown was created by Christian Siriano with recycled tulle. The bright red color was made using vegetable dye. Danielle MacDonald wore this eco-responsible outfit to support Red Carpet Green Dress initiative.

Drawing inspired by the red gown worn by Danielle Macdonald at the Academy Awards by Christian Siriano

* The Stella McCartney Fall-Winter 2019-2020 Fashion Show upcycled multicoloured dress

This dress has been made from vintage T-shirts which have been stripped, knotted end to end and knitted.

The Stella McCartney Fall-Winter 2019-2020 Fashion Show upcycled multicoloured dress

Photo: Armando Grillo

* The vintage Dior dress that Emily Deschanel wore at the Academy Awards

This strappy midi dress could be worn on several occasions. I like its timeless style.

Drawing inspired by the vintage Dior dress worn by Emily Deschanel at the Academy Awards

That’s it for my latest slow fashion crushes. Feel free to leave me comments regarding this new format and see you soon.

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Best Wishes and Serenity Resolution

In 2018, I went back to blogging. I wrote on the French part of my blog and now I plan to write here too.

After having some sad moments last year, my priority today is to better manage my anxiety. So my resolution for 2019 is ‘Serenity’.

sérénité alias Serenity (drawing)

And here is my battle plan to find peace of mind:
* Walking

* Taking yoga or pilates classes

* Playing with my daughter who loves to run and to play ball games. This is a good way to exercise.

* Creating: writing, covering notebookss, taking pictures, sewing… Crafts are a good way to clear one’s head

* Limiting social media use

* Accepting that I don’t finish my to-do list. If I need to put things off, I will do it and nevermind.

* Prioritizing in order to reduce this to-do list

* Putting things into perspective because often we worry about things that are not so serious. And even if the situation is serious, you don’t sove problems by worrying.

* Counting my blessings

I wish you a Happy and Serene New Year!

Sunset Best Wishes card

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Best Wishes for 2017 and effectiveness review

January is the time to review my theme of the year that was effectiveness. Indeed each year, instead of a list of good resolutions, I choose a theme and I work on it.

Thus in 2016 I tried to be more efficient and especially to reduce my social media consumption. I have learnt several tips to be more productive such as using my phone to develop good habits or doing straightaway tasks that can be completed in two minutes.

This year, I have given birth to a baby girl who has made me stop wasting my time, in real life and on the Internet. There’s nothing better than a baby to help you to disconnect!

For 2017, I had no difficulties in finding a theme: it will be organisation. My goal is to be more organised to do what i have to do while taking care of a small baby. Incidentally, I’d like to find time to draw and blod… and manage to eat somthing else than raviolis.

I wish you a Happy New Year!

illustrated Best Wishes card

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November 2016 favorites

Here are my November 2016 favorites:

* Some links if you’re interested in Belgian Sustainable Fashion

Made and more online shop sells cloythes that are ethically made in Europe.

Designer Bruno Pieters has founded ethical luxury brand Honest By whose motto is complete transparency.

On Fashion Revolution Belgium facebook page you can see what’s happening in Ethical Fashion in Belgium.

* Proud to be an Outfit Repeater

Jen from Tartan Brunette blog reminds us that the clothes we like are made to be worn several times and poses in a little black dress that she already wore to two weddings.

Drawing inspired by a picture of Jen from Tartan Brunette blog wearing a little black dress to a wedding

Drawing inspired by a picture of Jen wearing her little black dress

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October 2016 favorites

Here are my October 2016 favorites:

* Sustainable work outfits of actress and feminist activist Emma Watson

Recently, Emma Watson has been wearing sustainable outfits at different events and she has realised a capsule collection with Sustainable Fashion brand Zady. You can see her chic and classical outfits on her instagram page.

Drawing inspired by a picture of Emma Watson wearing a beige skirt and a black sweater from her capsule collection with Zady

Drawing inspired by a picture of Emma Watson wearing a skirt and a sweater from her capsule collection with Zady

* The (political) history of pockets in women’s fashion

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September 2016 favorites

I’m quite busy in real life so I can’t write as much as I would like on my blog. Here are at least my September 2016 favorites:

* A conversation between actress and activist Emma Watson and Persepolis Author Marjane Satrapi

* This picture makes me feel like doing afternoon tea

Afternoon tea buffet

Afternoon tea buffet. Photo : Livia Firth

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August 2016 favorites

Here are my August 2016 favorites:

* Why so many places across the world look the same

* A half Summer half Autumn look

drawing inspired by a picture of blogger Pernille Teisbaek wearing a navy blue knit and a matching striped skirt

drawing inspired by a picture of blogger Pernille Teisbaek wearing a navy blue knit and a striped skirt

* I stop the social media race

* Organic household linen in supermarkets

I’ve found organic cotton towels and linen in Carrefour supermarkets. I’m satisfied with the price and quality but I regret the lack of information regarding the factory conditions.

organic cotton face cloths by Tex Home for Carrefour

* Tips to Shop for Quality Clothes

* Wardrobe Spring Cleaning

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I stop the social media race

As I’m questioning my use of social media, I’m writing this article about the different networks I have tested and how to use them well.

It started with Facebook a few years ago. Then I tried Pinterest, Bloglovin, Twitter and Instagram. I met interesting people, I read interesting articles thanks to those social media but I also wasted a lot of time. At the moment, Snapchat is the thing. A few months ago, it was Instagram. When reading bloggers asking their readers to follow them on Snapchat, I realised that it’s an endless cycle. Every year, there will be a new trendy social network that will eclipse the others… until the next one.

I don’t intend to subscribe to 50 social media, especially as I realise that some of them didn’t bring me anything. When you have a blog, it’s normal to be active on the main social networks. But my aim is to be more selective from now. You don’t have to subscribe to all social media. I think it’s good to chose them depending on your interests. For example I don’t do videos so there is no use for me to subscribe to Youtube. On the contrary, Instagram is interesting to share my drawings and pictures. And logically I won’t subscribe to Snapchat because I don’t see what it could bring to me.

comic: snapchat

Besides social media have a major drawback for me: they generate a huge waste of time. Social media are the worst ennemies of the procrastinator. Especially as their conceptors do everything they can to make us addicted (this article explains how). When you look at people having their nose in their phone, it seems they have succeeded.

So how to stop wasting your time on those addictive and time-consuming websites?

* Putting things into perspective

Social media are very useful tools but they can have negative effects: envy when people display their wealth, frustration when people show their seemingly perfect life, cult of thinness concealed behind the ‘healthy’ trend, hidden marketing, judging people by their number of followers… It’s worth reviewing the positive and the negative that social media bring to you. And why not sorting out and unfollowing some accounts that don’t make you feel good.

* Disconnecting

Total disconnection was the choice of instagramer Essena O’Neill. In 2015, her tell-all video created buzz online. She denounced the fact that social media are fake, people are defined by numbers and social media have become a business. Then she deleted all her social media accounts. This is a radical but efficient way to save time.

drawing with a quote by Essena O'Neill: You don't have to prove your life on instagram for it to be a good life

* Detox

Temporarily disconnecting, during a weekend or a month, can get you to realize how much time you save when you’re not connected. If it’s too difficult, you can also define a maximum number of hours per day to spend online.

* Setting limits

You can set some rules regarding the use of social media. For example:
– no smartphone in your bedroom
– no social media at certain times of the day (during the meals, one hour before bedtime…)
– turning off notifications on your smartphone

The best is to write your ‘rules’ on a paper that will stay right in front of your eyes.

As for me, I have reduced my social media consumption but I deserve no special credit: I have taken advantage of my soul-searching, some social media boredom and the current decline of traditional social media to connect less often and I’m happy to save some precious time smoothly.

drawing: I've finished my article that criticises social media! The only thing left for me to do is to promote it on Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin, Instagram, Pinterest...

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July 2016 favorites

Here are my July 2016 favorites:

* Handkerchiefs are back

It seems that handkerchiefs are trendy again. I found some of them in my cupboard and thanks to them I plan to use fewer tissues.


* A bubbles dress from Iris Van Herpen Couture Fall-Winter 2016-2017 collection

Drawing: bubbles dress from Iris Van Herpen Couture Fall-Winter 2016-2017 collection

* Portrait painter Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun

* France will ban polluting plastic microbeads from cosmetics in 2018

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