Denim shirt and Fashion Revolution

drawing of a woman wearing a shirt inside-out for Fashion Revolution Day

I only have a few ethical clothes but fortunately my illustrated characters can wear all the clothes I spot on the internet.

So my illustration is wearing a shirt of the French sustainable brand L’Herbe Rouge, worn inside-out.

Why inside-out? Because this blog supports the ‘Fashion Revolution Day’ which will take place on April 24th. One year after the Rana Plaza tragedy, we can join this international movement so that our clothes are finally produced in good conditions. It’s very easy to participate:

1. Take a picture of you wearing an item of clothing inside-out

2. Share the picture on social media (facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest etc.) with the hashtag #insideout.

3. Contact the brand and ask ‘Who made my clothes?’

The aim of this campaign is to initiate a connection between consumers and the people who made their clothes. When you wear a garment insideout, you can see the label on it and learn where your clothes were made. When you write to a brand, it’s to let them know that their clients want to know how their clothes were made and who made them.

I have played the game and sent an email to l’Herbe Rouge to ask where this shirt was coming from. They have quickly answered me that it is made in Europe:

- the buttons are made in France

- the fabric is made in Spain and ‘made in green’ certified (manufactured in factories which respect the environment and the rights of workers)

- the shirt is sewn in Romania by a workshop specialized in sustainable clothes and dyes

It would be nice if all brand were as transparent as them. The problem is that many brands subcontract and don’t even know where the clothes are made. But they will find out if the consumers ask them.

Besides taking a picture of you wearing an item of clothing inside-out, you can follow the international campaign on Fashion Revolution website.

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Olga Kurylenko wearing a pink dress at the 2014 Academy Awards

I have drawn actress Olga Kurylenko’s pink dress at the Academy Awards. It’s a sleeveless garnet-colored long gown. A piece of pleated fabric is sewn at an angle on the chest of the dress and spreads on the shoulder.

drawing of Olga Kurylenko wearing a pink eco-friendly long dress at the 2014 Academy Awards

Besides being elegant, this dress is also ecological : It’s made from GOTS certified organic peace silk. Peace silk is produced without killing the pupae. The fabric has been dyed with natural dyes: sappanwood and madder root.

The dress has been designed by Alice Elia, a French fashion student who won Red Carpet Green Dress competition. This competition is organised every year on the occasion of the Academy Awards.

For more information, see Red Carpet Green Dress website

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Chanel Couture Spring-Summer 2013 romantic Fashion Show

I have enjoyed Chanel Couture Spring-Summer 2013 Fashion Show. In a forest setting, romantic doe-eyed girls were walking the runway wearing black combined with soft colors, embroidered floral patterns and lace. Here are two drawings of dresses I like especially:

drawing of a pale pink straight dress from Chanel Couture Spring-Summer 2013 collection

The first model is wearing a pale pink straight dress with pockets and short sleeves well… funnel-shaped but it looks good. She has black lace thigh-high open-toe boots. And ribbons made with fabric scraps embellish her hair.

drawing of a navy blue and white long dress from Chanel Couture Spring-Summer 2013 collection

The second model is wearing two dresses on top of each other: a long navy blue embroidered dress over a longer, white round neck dress. The superimposition is nice and makes me want to try some T-shirt and low-cut dress combinations.

You can see all the pictures of this Fashion Show on Style and Popsugar fashion websites.

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Malta delegation at the Sochi Winter Olympics

I wanted to draw the Maltese delegation at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics because this delegation is not common. Indeed only one athlete is representing Malta. Her name is Elise Pellegrin and she is a French-Maltese skier. Her grand-father immigrated to France. Thus Elise was born in France and she’s living in the Vosges mountains.

drawing of Elise Pellegrin carrying a Maltese flag at the Sochi Winter Olympic Games opening ceremony

Elise Pellegrin carrying a Maltese flag at the Sochi Olympic Games opening ceremony

It’s the first time Malta takes part in Winter Olympic Games. It must be said that winter sports are not very practice: last time it snowed in Malta was in 1962!

For more information, see Elise Pellegrin facebook page

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An ethnic chic outfit for a wedding

For some time I have been thinking about a new section of portraits of people wearing their favorite clothes, the kind of clothes that make you feel good and that you want to keep for a long time. For this first portrait I am grateful to Cerise for accepting to be drawn in an outfit she wore at a wedding. She’s wearing a black plainly cut outfit that is made warmer by touches of orange. Her outfit is both vivid and elegant.

drawing of a black outfit that is made warmer by touches of orange to attend a wedding

Who are you?

Cerise Cerise, a friend of Marmite Norvégienne ;-) [Marmite Norvégienne is Cerise's blog (in French) about haybox]

Could you tell me the story of your outfit?

Well… it was for the wedding of a close relative. I had found absolutely nothing that suited me until I came across an ethnic (not especially ethic otherwise it would have been highlighted) clothes shop one week before the ceremony. When trying on the clothes, I felt comfortable, which is quite rare. I was dreading a too dressy outfit that I wouldn’t wear again and everything I was seeing of this kind was at an outrageous price. There the whole outfit costed 90 euros.
I’m wearing Méph*sto sandals I already had and I bought a pendant to a local potter to be the finishing touch. My outfit was noticed, it’s most likely linked to the fact that I felt at ease in it! I still have it, it has been recycled for summer and/or for dance class.

You say that you have worn again this outfit since. Was it important for you to choose an outfit that you could easily wear again? Why?

I have difficulty in finding organic clothes in my size. I mainly wear clothes I am given or second-hand clothes and I keep them for a very very long time if I feel good wearing them. Then if it is a ‘real purchase’, it might as well be useful!

Thank you Cerise!

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2014 Golden Globes: my favorite outfits

This year I have spotted the outfits and accessories of several actresses at the Golden Globes:

the audacious Emma Watson

Emma Watson is wearing a two-sided Dior outfit. The front is a red long gown. The back is an open dress and the young woman is wearing figure-hugging black pants. It could have been awful but in fact the result is a success. Even Emma Watson’s midnight blue stilettos match the rest of her outfit.

drawing of Emma Watson wearing a Dior red long dress and black trousers at the 2014 Golden Globes

Cate Blanchett, radiant and ethical

Cate blanchett is wearing Chopard earrings, each one looking like a rolled-up branch whose leaves are diamonds. This jewel is fairmined certified.

drawing of Cate Blanchett wearing Chopard ethical diamond earrings at the 2014 Golden Globes

You can see those earrings more closely on Eco-Age website

Lupita Nyong’O, the best dress

Lupita Nyong’O is wearing my favorite outfit. The beginner actress is wearing a Ralph Lauren red off-the-shoulder gown with an attached cape.

drawing of Lupita Nyong’O wearing a Ralph Lauren red off-the-shoulder cape dress at the 2014 Golden Globes

Emma Thompson, the flying stilettos

Finally here is a link to the video showing Emma Thompson throwing her Louboutin stilettos. I admit that I did not pay attention to the reste of her outfit but I had a laugh like I had had a laugh reading her speech at the National Board of Review gala the week before.

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Ethical fashion shops in Paris

If you go to Paris, you may buy clothes in some of its numerous fashion stores. And if you are interested in eco, sustainable or fair trade fashion, I have found that there are also a lot of ethical fashion shops in Paris. Below are a Paris map with a list of ethical fashion shops I have spotted by arrondissements (= Paris districts). The directory is not exhaustive and will be completed according to my discoveries.

Click here to see a larger map on google map

3rd arrondissement

5 Boulevard du Temple
Métro station : Fille du calvaire

111 Boulevard Beaumarchais
Métro : Saint Sébastien Froissart

7 Boulevard du Temple
Métro : Fille du calvaire
second-hand clothes, solidarity-based company

4th arrondissement

Monsieur Poulet
24 Rue de Sévigné
Métro : Saint Paul
organic cotton T-shirts

23 Rue des Francs Bourgeois
Métro : Saint Paul

9th arrondissement

Altermundi Lorette
17, rue Maubeuge
Métro : Notre dame de Lorette

le sourire multicolore
13, rue Maubeuge
Métro : Cadet, Notre dame de Lorette or Anvers

Artisans du Monde Paris 9
20 Rue de Rochechouart
Métro Cadet
fair-trade handicrafts

10th arrondissement

Bazar Ethic
25 Rue Beaurepaire
Métro : République

33 rue Beaurepaire
Métro : République

11th arrondissement

Altermundi Charonne
39, rue de Charonne
Métro : Ledru Rollin

15th arrondissement

Artisans du Monde Paris 15
31 Rue Blomet
Métro : Volontaires
fair-trade handicrafts

18th arrondissement

Altermundi Ordener
135 Rue Ordener
Métro : Jules Joffrin

89 rue des Martyrs
Métro : Abbesses

20th arrondissement

Artisans du Monde Paris 20
8 Rue Boyer
Métro Gambetta ou Ménilmontant
fair-trade handicrafts

More shopping addresses in Paris:

Green shopping tour WA off in Paris

<br />
Drawing of a woman searching her handbag and saying: All right, I have the most important: the list of ethical fashion shops !

Ready to shop!

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Best Wishes for 2014

Best Wishes card illustrated with a sea landscape in Malta

sea landscape in Malta

Following the annual review method by Chris Guillebeau, the Art of Non-Conformity blogger, I have listed my goals for 2014 and defined a theme for the coming year. For this year I have chosen the theme respect because it’s a value that speaks to me at the moment. Respect for others and self-respect.
So I wish you a Happy New Year marked by respect :-)

5/01/2013 addition : So I write here some of my goals, this way we will review them together next year:
* working out
* drawing more
* publish at least 2 or 3 articles per month on my blog
* undertaking a blog project I have in mind
* being more efficient and less procrastinating
* getting dressed more ethically
* being less irritating ;-)

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Ethical evening dress

I have drawn a colorful ethical evening dress I have spotted but meanwhile I have realised that the dress’ brand has shut down. It’s a pity but fortunately there are other ways of finding nice ethical evening dresses:

* You can buy a second-hand dress (the advantage : there is no chance you will wear the same outfit as someone else).

* Some sustainable fashion brands such as People Tree make elegant evening dresses. I can more easily mention French ethical brands: Ethos, Ekyog, L’Herbe Rouge or fashion designer Valentine Gauthier.

* If you can sew, you can make a custom gown.

* The most ecological and economical solution is to borrow an outfit or to reuse an outfit that you already have. Then you can play with some accessories to get a new look. I think that if a need a party outfit, I will first go through my drawers.

drawing: the same dress but with different accessories

the same dress but with different accessories

And you, have you already worn an ethical evening outfit? Do you have good tips to share?

drawing of a woman wearing a	raspberry pink strapless dress with a ethical two-tone stole

On the drawing:

  • Raspberry pink strapless dress
  • Silk fairtrade Soieries du Mekong two-tone stole made in Cambodia

Meditating with the rain

After reading about meditation benefits, I tried to follow advice found on the internet: slowly breathing from the belly, visualise the air that enters and leaves my lungs, letting go the intrusive thoughts etc.

Well, it didn’t work for me. However I have noticed that there are times when I manage to clear my mind and to be in the moment:
* when I watch a snowfall through a window
* when I watch the rain falling through the windshield when I am a passenger in a car (it works only in a car, not through my windows at home, I don’t know why)
* when I watch waves crashing on beach or on rocks

In short, I have been meditating without knowing it. But it’s a little bit constraining to wait for bad weather or untill I go to the sea. So I keep experimenting. If you know meditation techniques for dummies, feel free to leave a comment.

drawing of a sitting woman who tries to meditate while looking at a snow globe

Attempt to medidate using a snow globe (it doesn’t work either ;) )

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