Useful procrastination

My theme for this year being action, I am currently testing methods against procrastination. For the moment, the techniques I have tried are not efficient in the long run. No magic bullet then but there is a technique that is working well for me. I call it useful procrastination.

I give you an example. I don’t like cleaning indows. I do it the less often possible. However in one particular case, I enjoy cleaning the windows: it is when I have to research a particularly boring topic on the Internet. So instead of researching my topic, I do the windows. Suddenly window cleaning seems almost pleasant compared to boring topic researching.

The idea is to take advantage of procrastinating to do something useful. It can be cleaning, tidying, sorting papers, making phone calls etc. The important thing is to do something useful even if you don’t do what you planned at first.

And as for me, I know there will soon be a new urgent and dull task (some bookkeeping for example) that will make my research on the Internet look so much more attractive.

Drawing of a character asking: Are you sure that updating your facebook status is not useful procrastination?

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August 2015 favorites

In August, everything slows down so I have more time to go shopping, start reading again and discover new favorites:

* Some Muji notebooks

I have found the ideal notebook! It’s without lines and with a rigid cover (it’s important if you want to draw in it). It’s made in Japon and it costs 2.5€ at Muji. I bought three notebooks but I will buy more of them next time (in case Muji stops selling them).

Muji notebooks

Muji notebooks

* Wild cats print by Stella McCartney

Liv Tyler wearing Stella McCartney wild cats print shirt and pants. photo: Kevin Mazur for Getty images

Liv Tyler wearing Stella McCartney wild cats print shirt and pants. photo: Kevin Mazur for Getty images

I like this colorful print, only I would wear separately the shirt and the pants in town because together they look like a pyjama (a very nice pyjama though).

* A Maltese house entrance

* Maus by Art Spiegelman

Maus is a comic that tells the war and deportation memories of cartoonist Art Spiegleman’s father. It’s a difficult subject but the book is full of humanity. I couldn’t stop reading until the end.

Back cover of Maus by Art Spiegelman

Back cover of Maus

* Plants are intelligent

And their intelligence works like a complex network, comparable to the Internet

* Sewing can change your body image

Blogger Jenny Rushmore tells how sewing clothes that fit her well helped her to stop hating her body.

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A Maltese house entrance

After drawing some Maltese traditional townhouses, zoom in on the entrance door that is also picturesque with its molded wood panels that are painted the same color as the window frames.
Actually, this is a double-door entrance. I imagine that the second glass door is useful to insulate the house from heat in summer.
A Malta house may have a number or a name or both. Often there is a medallion engraved with the Madonna and Child or a saint to protect the house and its inhabitants.

Illustration of a traditional Maltese townhouse entrance

With the damp, on many houses, the paint on the facade ends up chiping off, stones darken but the doorstep keeps its brightness as it is regularly polished.

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July 2015 favorites

Here are my July 2015 favorites:

* Vienna

with its palaces, its parcs, its 19th century buildings…

Schönbrunn palace in Vienna

Schönbrunn palace in Vienna

* The Redress challenge: 365 days wearing second hand clothes

* Fashion designer Stella Jean mixed and colourful style

Stella Jean. photo : Garance Doré

I like her reinterpretation of the striped shirt. photo : Garance Doré

* Fifties beach outfits

* The siesta

The siesta (sketch)

because it’s especially enjoyable during heatwaves

* Playing the Granny Card: a new generation of powerful women turning age into an advantage

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Fifties beach outfits

I have already written two articles on Fifties Fashion, one on day outfits and the other one on evening wear but this series would not be complete without the most important: beachwear!

In the fifties in France, more and more people take advantage of their annual leave to go on holiday. Beach outfits are usually laid back and comfortable.

Nevertheless beach clothes created by Haute Couture designers were to be at the cutting edge of fashion. For example this green outfit with a surrealism-inspired pattern from Grès 1948 Spring-Summer collection was ideal not to go unnoticed.

drawing of a woman wearing a green and white beach outfit by Grès

This strapless dress by Lanvin-Castillo has a typical New Look shape but what is funny is the choice of the fabric that is a mattress ticking fabric.

illustration of a woman wearing a Fifties white and grey striped beach dress by Lanvin-Castillo

And to feel like being on the beach, I finish by a Hermes purple one-piece strapless swimsuit.

illustration of a woman wearing a Fifties Hermes purple one-piece strapless swimsuit

Other articles about Fifties fashion on this blog:

Fifties day outfits

Fifties evening dresses

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June 2015 favorites

Here are my June 2015 favorites:

* A picturesque marine themed house facade in Gozo, Malta

A picturesque marine themed house facade in Gozo, Malta

Its door knockers and plates are decorated with fishes

* Some Fifties evening dresses

* Multicoloured drawing paper

Multicoloured drawing paper

I don’t know yet how I will use it but meantime all those colors put me in a good mood.

* 8 illustrators I follow on the Internet

* A fly swatter

I bought a fly swatter. I know it’s not glamorous but it’s very efficient against mosquitoes and it’s not toxic unlike insecticides so it’s one of my favorites this month.

Drawing. When I pursue mosquitoes with my fly swatter

When I pursue mosquitoes

* What if we needed to slow down to be happy?

a conversation with Matthieu Ricard and Pico Iyer on stillness

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8 illustrators I follow on the Internet

I like to visit the blogs or instagram accounts of my favorite illustrators, discover their latest drawings and sometimes the making of illustrations. So here is a totally subjective selection of illustrators to follow:

* Isabelle Oziol de Pignol (Accro de la mode)

Isabelle Oziol de Pignol was a fashion designer before becoming an illustrator. You can check her drawings of stylish women on her blog or on her instagram.

screenshot of Accro de la mode blog

Screenshot of Accro de la mode website. Click the image to enlarge

Her blog:

Her instagram account:

* Yelena Bryksenkova

Yelena Bryksenkova has a dated and mysterious world and great attention to detail.

Screenshot of Yelena Bryksenkova blog

Screenshot of Yelena Bryksenkova website

Her blog:

Her instagram account:

* Katie Rodgers (Paper Fashion)

Paper Fashion blogger Katie Rodgers draws poetic silhouette wearing sequined gowns. On her instagram page, there are also making-of videos of her drawings.

Screenshot of Paper Fashion blog

Screenshot of Paper Fashion website

Her blog:

Her instagram account:

* Danny Roberts

Fashion illustrator Danny Roberts made himself known via his blog Igor and Andre. His blog has been a little abandoned and his drawings of pink-cheeked models are now displayed on instagram.

Screenshot of Danny Roberts instagram

Screenshot of Danny Roberts instagram page

His blog:

His instagram account:

* Chloé Fleury

Chloé Fleury creates images and characters using cut and folded paper. On her blog, she writes about her work and her life in San Francisco.

Screenshot of Chloé Fleury blog

Screenshot of Chloé Fleury website

Her blog:

Her instagram account:

* Fifi lapin

Fifi lapin is a fashion blog that shows Fifi’s outfits in drawings. Its specificity is that Fifi is the only rabbit who is wearing Haute Couture.

Screenshot of Fifi lapin blog

Screenshot of Fifi lapin website

Her blog:

Her instagram account:

* Meera Lee

Meera Lee has a personal and joyful universe that combines flowers, animals, calligraphy and colorful patternes.

Screenshot of Meera Lee instagram

Screenshot of Meera Lee instagram page

Her instagram account:

* Garance Doré

Garance Doré’s blog is well-known especially for her streetstyle pictures. Between two photoshoots, she still publishes her illustrations of women with unfinished outlines.

Screenshot of Garance Doré blog

Screenshot of Garance Doré website

Her blog’s illustrations category:

Voilà! And you, do you follow any illustrators on social networks?

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Fifties evening dresses

In the Fifties, evening dresses looked like princess dresses. I have drawn some evening dresses that I had seen at last summer 50s Fashion exhibition in Paris.

Many of those dresses are timeless, you could wear them today, as this fuchsia long evening dress with ruby red rhinestone straps by Jean Dessès.

illustration of a Fifties fuchsia long evening dress by Jean Dessès

I like the originality of this Jacques Fath white long dress with bare shoulders and three quarter sleeves. There are buttons on the top and two big pockets on the full skirt that add character to the outfit. Even the fabric, a white honeycomb cotton, is unexpected for an evening gown.

coloring picture of a woman wearing a Fifties evening gown by Jacques Fath

Click on the coloring picture to enlarge and print it

Fashion designer Jacques Fath was Christian Dior’s rival in the Fifties. He has been a little forgotten since his maison de haute couture closed in 1957 but he was a big name in fashion at that time.

This long and wide white gown by Christian Dior is simple but effective with three ribbons sewn on the bustier. It would make a beautiful wedding dress, as the previous one by Jacques Fath.

coloring picture of a woman wearing a Fifties evening gown by Christian Dior

Click on the coloring picture to enlarge and print it

Finally, I like this modest black cocktail dress by Chanel that contrasted with all the wide dresses shown in the same exhibition room. It’s ornamented with a golden and turquoise blue brooch.

illustration of a Fifties black cocktail dress by Chanel

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May 2015 favorites

Here are my May 2015 favorites:

* A prehistoric beauty

Maltese prehistoric statuette called the sleeping Lady

the sleeping lady (c. 3000 B.C.). National Museum of Archaeology, Malta

* My list of health food stores in Malta

* Another Happy Day blog

Lilly has a radar to spot beautiful things and her blog Another Happy Day is an eye candy that you can enjoy even if you don’t speak French, with her streetstyle inspirations, designers or luxury cosmetics’ discoveries and inspiring pictures.

* Cate Blanchett print gown by Giles at Cannes Film Festival

Cate Blanchett wearing a blue and grey print gown by Giles at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival

photo : Pascal Le Segretain

* Busting 4 ethical fashion myths

* De L’éthique sur l’étiquette new campaign (in French)

drawing of two women putting soldées campaign labels in a shop

De L’éthique sur l’étiquette is the French counterpart of Clean Clothes Campaign. For their latest campaign, they invite people to put labels in shops to ask brands to pay a living wage to all garment workers. I find it’s a fun way to support them.

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Health food stores in Malta

Organic food is not eveywhere in Malta but you can find organic products in Malta. You just need to look for them in the supermarkets and find the nearest health food store.

In Malta, organic products are usually distinguishable by the european organic logo, white stars in the shape of a leaf on a green background.

some groceries with the european organic logo

So how many times can you see the european organic logo on this picture?

Also it’s good to know that in Malta everything is small. Health food stores are small too. So don’t expect to find everything in one shop.

I have listed the health food stores I know by town and I have located them the best I could on the island’s map.

Click here to see a larger map on google map


Holland & Barrett
Triq Il-Linja


Good Earth
Smart Shopping Complex
Triq in-Naxxar


Holland & Barrett
Triq Hompesch


30 Triq il-Kungress Ewkaristiku

Saint Julian’s

Holland & Barrett
Triq San Gorg

Good Earth
Triq il-Kbira


Casa Natura
117 Triq Il-Kbira

Holland & Barrett
60 Triq It-Tori


Holland & Barrett
5b Triq Il-Merkanti

Victoria (in Gozo)

13 Pjazza San Gorg

This list is not exhaustive. Feel free to add your organic good shops in Malta in the comments section.

drawing of a woman doing the grocery shopping in front of a Maltese health food store

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