Eco-friendly swap (received)

This is the continuation of the Eco-friendly swap. Here is the swap I got from my cyberfriend La Griotte (her blog in French is La Griotte croque son blog):

swap sent by La Griotte


I was spoiled with a lot of surprises in the packet:

* a herbal tea for sleeping

* a fair trade organic chocolate bar with orange because I love chocolate

* some seeds that can be sprouted with some gauze and the directions for use (I wanted to test sprouting)

* Soap nuts (I wanted to try them)

* Dried tomatoes (I wanted to try them too)

* and a nice recycled paper notebook with eco-friendly recipes for cosmetics, cooking, health, cleaning and crafts. La Griotte collected these useful recipes from several bloggers.

La Griotte was well-advised because I am fond of good food and inquiring.

Thank you La Griotte!

Version française

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