The Grace Kelly Years

I have visited “The Grace Kelly Years” exhibition in Paris. There are pictures, excerpts from her films and also personal items: letters, gowns, fashion accessories, jewelry, pressed flower arrangements… This exhibition retraces her path from respectable girl to Hollywood actress and eventually to Princess of Monaco, always with elegance.


Grace Kelly Audrey Hepburn Academy Awards 1956

Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn at the 1956 Academy Awards. photo by Alan Grant (c) Time Inc.

Grace de Monaco 1964

Grace de Monaco in 1964 (c) Archives du Palais princier. Monaco

The exhibition reinforces the Grace Kelly myth. She is portrayed as a perfect woman: perfect actress, perfect wife and mother, perfect princess, perfect friend… It could nearly make my blood run cold.

But fortunately Grace sometimes wears big short-sighted glasses or a big kitsch wig. It makes her more human and closer.

Grace de Monaco 1960

Grace de Monaco in her office in 1960 (c) Archives du Palais princier. Monaco

It was a pleasant journey to the 50’s and 60’s. After Paris, the exhibition will travel to different places including London and the United States.

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