Paris 15

The “quinzième arrondissement” of Paris is not the most visited place of the capital but there are some tourists who take a first look at the district, unlike its own inhabitants. The visitors make pictures of cakes in pâtisserie windows, they ooh when the metro crosses the river Seine and reveals a magnificent view of the Eiffel Tower…
Sometimes I take my camera, I put myself in a tourist’s shoes and I walk in search of photogenic places in my neighbourhood. I come back with a photo mosaic. Click on the picture to view my Parisian tourist’s photo album.


Paris 15 pictures

pictures from left to right and from top to bottom:
1. BirHakeim, 2. Paris coat of arms, 3. bandstand, 4. chimney, 5. Art Nouveau building, 6. île aux Cygnes, 7. la Ruche, 8. Eiffel Tower, 9. Mirabeau bridge, 10. liberty2, 11. inscription on the Mirabeau bridge, 12. barge, 13. liberty3, 14. BirHakeim2, 15. tent, 16. barges


Version française

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