Organization websites

Some people are naturally organized. For those who do not have this gift, there are websites about organization. These websites give tips that will help you learn to get organized. Here are some sites that have helped me to struggle with my mess.

Flylady offers hints for getting rid of your clutter, and putting your home and life in order:

The Flylady newsletter features daily organizing tips. It suggests ways to order some organization tools, but you can follow the advice without buying anything.

A guide that explains how to tidy each room of your home and your office: 

An interactive site with many articles about how to get organized in every field:

The blog of Maria-Garcia, a professional organizer:

A website emphasizing savings and voluntary simplicity:

All of these sites have given me many ideas and I like to read them. However, there is something wrong: If I did my job instead of spending hours reading organization sites, I would not be so overworked!


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