Unfamiliar animals in Stanley Park

The other day I took the air in Stanley Park, Vancouver’s most well known park. While I was walking, my attention was caught by a rustle in a thicket. I thought that I would see a bird or a squirel, but instead an animal appeared that I had never seen before. It was a small black and white mammal. It didn’t stop moving so I could not take a picture of it. I felt deeply disappointed when it disappeared behind a bush.

I went on my way. A few meters further on, I realized that the place was actually full of these small animals.  They could not be very wild, surely, because they are used to stuffing themselves with peanuts given by visitors to the park. Some of them were turning around an old man with a walking stick, they seemed hooked on him. I grabbed the chance and took some pictures:





Later I saw a drawing of the animal on a board in the park and I learned its English name: raccoon. But I had to go home and consult my dictionary to know what I had met.


Version française

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