The Olympic Flame livens up Vancouver

To tell the truth, I am not very interested in Vancouver Olympic Games. But I have appreciated the city’s liveliness for a few days. A long-time inhabitant told me she had not seen anything similar since 1986, the year Vancouver hosted a World Exposition.

Granville street
I have never seen so many people in Vancouver!

Yesterday I went for a walk in Downtown in order to look at the different pavilions, exhibitions and events. When getting off the bus, I saw a swarm of people walking towards Canada Place. I followed the crowd, thinking there should be something to see. And I found the Olympic Flame behind Vancouver Convention Centre. It burns at the ends of sculptures that depict giant ice crystals.

flamme olympique
( Click on the picture to enlarge it )

I like the originality of the sculpture, it is a change from the usual cauldrons. What is a pity is that you must look at the Flame from a distance and behind a fence. I had to take my picture through the wire fence after getting through a crowd of people.

Update February 18: the configuration has been changed so that it is easier to see the Flame


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