Vancouver sees life through red-coloured glasses

Those days in Vancouver red and white are fashionable. Indeed Canadians are patriotic and they are not embarrassed to wear their country’s colors.

young woman with her Olympic mittens
Fashionable women are satisfied with a small touch of red and white: they wear a scarf or the famous olympic mittens. The official mittens are certainly the most popular Olympic collectibles. They are red with a maple leaf (symbol of Canada) on one side and the Olympic rings on the other side.

You can see many red jackets but also caps, hockey jerseys, flags…


Canadian supporters           Canadian supporter

A Canadian supporter from the Mountains
A Canadian supporter from the Mountains

Canadian supporters
Some supporters with Team Canada Hockey Jerseys and a Canadian flag

There are a few supporters of other countries but most fans are here to support Canada. I have only taken pictures of few people but you must imagine nearly half the people on the street wearing red clothes. It is quite impressive.

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