Cannes 2010 : my favourite outfits (1/2)

Each year, I follow Cannes film festival, not because I am a film lover but rather to admire the haute couture outfits on the red carpet.

This year there were few outfits for my taste in Cannes but I have nevertheless selected – and drawn – my three prefered looks.

In the third place, Naomi Watts is wearing a Diane von Furstenberg dress:

I like the summer pattern in turquoise, yellow and grey. This is an outfit which is as easy to wear on the beach as on the red carpet

In the second position, Salma Hayek is wearing a Gucci gown:

Salma Hayek

This outfit is not very risky but it is elegant on her. I like the wine color and the straps that break the conformity of the gown.

The outfit that I have ranked number one will be published in the following days (suspense!).

Version française

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