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I have tested EssentialPIM at a friend’s suggestion. It is an organization program that you can download free from the Internet. PIM stands for “Personal Information Manager”. This software manages your schedule, your notes, your to do list, your address book and your e-mails in one place.

weekly schedule and to do list
weekly schedule and to do list (click on the pictures to enlarge them)

My testing

EssentialPIM is composed of several pages: the recapitulative page of the current day, the schedule, the to do list, the notes, the contacts’ list and the e-mail client. I have started with writing my appointments and dates to remember in the schedule. After, I have copied my writings in the Notes category and I have organized them by subject: menu ideas, films to see and books to read, blog, information about my different activities…
Then I have entered the birthdays and contact details of the people I know in Contacts. Each birthday is added automatically to the schedule and it is possible to set a reminder a few days before.
Copying everything takes time and is tedious but I will save time on the long range. For each contact, you can record his address, e-mail, phone numbers, personal information but also some annotations and pictures.

EssentialPIM can manage your e-mails too but I don’t use this function because I already have an email client.
Finally, you can create a to do list. Each task is assigned a date, a priority and a color code (for example important tasks are highlighted in red). Once a task is finished, you cross it out, like you would cross out a task on a paper to do list. But I admit that it is less exhilarating than vindictively striking out a chore that had stayed for months on my list of ongoing projects.

address book
address book

My opinion of EssentialPIM

I like:

* EssentialPIM can be used intuitively. No need for a user guide.

* the schedule that I find clear and that shows the current day, week or month or the 3 coming days. You can print each view.

* the detailed address book

* the notes that you can organize by theme

* the to do list that is on the same page as the schedule

I don’t like:

* The task reminder makes only a noise. As I often mute the volume on my computer, I don’t hear the reminders.

Well I have found only one downside. Might as well say that I am satisfied with this software and that I will keep on using it. I think that this planning tool is very convenient if you spend a lot of time in front of a computer. In case you are interested, I have described the method for downloading the free version of EssentialPIM.


How to download EssentialPIM

To download the software, I visit the download page of the website:
There is a portable version that allows you to save your EssentialPIM on a USB flash drive. I have chosen the free desktop version, EssentialPIM Free. I click on the EssentialPIM Free link in order to download it.

The installation program is downloaded on my computer.

I close all open windows before double-clicking on EssentialPIM3.exe

I just follow the directions. At the end, the program is added to the Start Menu and an “EssentialPIM” icon appears on the desktop.

The only things left for me to do are run EssentialPIM, choose the language (in the Tools menu) and start organizing my personal planner.

Version française

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