The best place on earth?

In Canada, your license plate shows the province you live in. Sometimes a motto of the province is also printed. Thus British Columbian plates say ‘Beautiful British Columbia’.

British Columbian license plate

I agree with this statement because there are breathtaking landscapes in this province. To give you an idea, here is a picture of a deserted beach in Vancouver Island :

deserted beach in Vancouver Island

A special license plate has been issued for the Olympic Games. It says a new motto for British Columbia: ‘The Best Place on Earth’.

British Columbian olympic plate

This other slogan is more pretentious and also more arguable. Is British Columbia the best place on earth? It depends on whom you ask. It’s true that I have met peaple saying that British Columbia is a paradise. But I have also talked to people who are eager to leave this province. I have made up my mind about this, after a few months in Vancouver: British Columbia is no El Dorado but it’s liveable (otherwise I would already have left 😉 )

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