My immigration process to Québec (2/2)

I resume the story of my immigration process to Québec with our interview at Québec Government Office in Paris. The objectives of that interview were to check the information in our application, to test our knowledge of Québec and above all our motivation.

Interview at Québec Government Office
My interview at Québec Government Office

The interview went well and the agent told us we were selected. So we moved on the next stage: applying for a visa at the Canada Embassy.

Another application, another check and another waiting period while Canada checked that we were no criminals and we had no criminal record.

After 6 months, we received the instructions to take a medical examination with a designated physician. The medical examination is mandatory to get the visas. If you are HIV-positive or if you have a disabled child, you won’t be authorized to immigrate to Canada.
I find this medical condition discrimination chocking but it has occured for years in Canada and in the USA apparently without anyone objecting.

Having the good luck to be healthy, 3 weeks after the medical examination, we received the confirmation that the visa office was ready to issue our permanent resident visas.

The immigration process lasted more than a year between the application and the visas’ delivery. It costed us about 3000 CAD for 2 people at that time.

I continue with my adventures in Québec in my expat diary (read it in reverse order). Finally I take the liberty to give a piece of advice to the readers who are interested in immigrating to Québec: Prepare a backup plan in case it doesn’t work. Not everybody is made for immigrating to Québec. Give yourself a few months to test the beautiful province while keeping the possibility to go back home. Having a plan B was very helpful when we started wondering wether we were really made for living in Québec.

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