When will a bike sharing system come to Vancouver?

Vélib Station

Vélib Station in Paris. photo Martin Tod (c) Creative Commons

After Velib in Paris and Bixi in Montréal, it’s Vancouver’s turn to be interested in a bicycle sharing system. With such a system, you pay a daily or yearly subscription and you can take a bike from one station and return it to another station on the other side of the city. Stations are distributed throughout the city so that you can go wherever you want. You pay the rental according to the time but the first 30 minutes are generally free.

In Vancouver, one obstacle to a bike share system is the helmet law, otherwise this is a means of transportation well suited to the city for many reasons:

  • Cycling is developing slowly but surely in Vancouver
  • There is room to install the bike stations
  • This is the ideal way for tourists to pleasantly discover the city
  • I think there would be less vandalism than in Paris
  • You can drop the bike off at the nearest station and finish your journey by bus in case of sudden shower
  • The city’s size and terrain are well suited to bike trips
  • etc.

I believe the city of Vancouver is up for implementing a public bike system but the financing has yet to be found.
Meanwhile, in Canada the Montreal Bixi is a success and Toronto plans to launch its bike sharing scheme sometime within 2011.

drawing of a young woman on a Vélib in Paris

Young woman on a Vélib in Paris

Version française

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  1. Ottawa is not the most pedestrian and bike-friendly city but I wish we had a similar system too. A lot of French cities have it now… including Nantes, my hometown.

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