Susie from Style Bubble in grey shades

Susie Lau is a fashion blogger known for her unique outfits and her bold associations of colors. Started as a hobby, his blog Style Bubble is now her job. Her outfits are generally too extravagant for me but I admire her for expressing her uniqueness, whether people like it or not.

Susie Bubble

On her blog, I have spotted a outfit that questions my idea that grey is a sad color (sidewalk grey) and that it goes unnoticed (mouse grey). In this drawing, Susie’s wearing a multi-pocketed geometric jacket in several tones of grey. The jacket draws the attention with its modern and asymmetric cut. A nude skirt and top complements and brightens up the blogger’s outfit.

drawing of Susie Bubble

Version française

One thought on “Susie from Style Bubble in grey shades

  1. It doesn’t look too extravagant on your drawing! But I see what you mean, sometimes I like bold fashion statements but I can’t picture myself wearing the clothes.

    I grew to like grew… as long as you pair it with something nice.

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