Vancouver in pictures

I end my articles about Vancouver with my favourite photographs of the city:


Vancouver (click on the pictures to enlarge them)

Stanley Park and Downtown

Stanley Park and Downtown. I like the contrast between the trees and the skyscrapers.

newlyweds in Steveston

These newlyweds have their photograph taken on the beach of Steveston’s small harbour… between two container ships.

Stacked pebbles by Vancouver Seawall

Stacked pebbles by the Seawall which is the path that goes along the sea around Stanley Park.

Dr Sun Yat-Sen Park

Dr Sun Yat-Sen Park. A picturesque Chinese garden in the middle of Chinatown.

Downtown Vancouver

West Vancouver

West Vancouver and its waterfront houses.

Stanley Park at dusk

Stanley Park at dusk

Reading another time this article, I realise that almost all the pictures I have selected show the sea. It’s not surprising because I think seasides are the most pleasant places in Vancouver.

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One thought on “Vancouver in pictures

  1. Looks like a lovely city! I like the skyline shots with the sea and the boats with the reflection in the harbour.

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