Maltese cold

When you see average winter temperatures in Malta, you could think that Maltese winter is especially enjoyable. It’ deceptive. Indeed, when it isn’t raining, it’s mild outside but it’s very cold inside. Because of the humidity, you literally feel frozen to the bone.

Outside it is mild

Outside it is mild…

The other problem is that Maltese homes have no central heating. To warm themselves, people get by. Some use a reverse cycle air conditioner or an electric radiator but it is expensive (especially if you pay the foreigner rate). Most people have a mobile gas heater that can roll from room to room.

inside I stay close to the heater

… but inside I stay close to the heater

As for us, we have given up the gas heater since the day it started leaking. Later, the plug of our electric radiator melted. Thus I am currently blogging with two pullovers in the warm breeze of the reverse cycle air conditioning.

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  1. I feel your pain I stayed in Tarxien and the home I was in had no heating at all AND I was there in January. Had to sleep in tripple layers!

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