Cornichons and other scarce commodities

When you live abroad, you learn to do without some foodstuffs that cannot be found in shops or that are very expensive. In Malta for example, I don’t find some products that are commun in France such as “fromage blanc” (a kind of fromage frais), “boudin” (a kind of sausage) and some raw milk cheeses. One week ago, I would have added “cornichons” to this list of scarce commodities. Cornichons are vinegar pickled cucumbers but without sugar. I have just found some cornichons in Portomaso supermarket. They were hidden among sweet pickles. I have caught the jar, have readen several times the ingredients to be sure and then I have brandished the jar as if it were a football world cup.

drawing of a pickles jar

Still life with cornichons

In order to celebrate this find, I have made a mixed salad with plenty of cornichons.

mixed salad

Version française

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