The pleasure of getting organized

Some time ago, a reader of my blog asked me how to enjoy getting organized and not to be discouraged by the enormity of the task. I have racked my brain to answer the best I can.

The pleasure is in the result

To be honest, sometimes getting organized is no pushover. I would even say it often deeply bores me. For me the pleasure of organization comes mainly from the result. I don’t especially take pleasure in getting organized but I am happy when I find my glasses at the first attempt, remember my friends’ birthdays or pay my bills on time and this way avoid late payment fees. That’s what motivates me. When I feel my resolve weakening, I think of all the positive effects of organization.

the day when I found a check while sorting out my books
comic: Getting organized can even bring in money

Get organized progressively

In order to avoid working to exhaustion, and to fight procrastination, get organized little by little. Start with one task, for example tidying the surface of your desk. Then try dedicating 5 minutes per day to tidying your desk. It’s easier to motivate yourself to do something that takes only 5 minutes. After one or two weeks in a row, when you’re at ease with this habit, you can launch into a new task, for example sorting out the shoes that clutter up the hall etc. Once a task has become a habit, you do it automatically and it becomes as easy as brushing your teeth before going to sleep.

Choose tasks that have an impact

I haven’t taken the example of tidying the top of your desk at random. Thare are some tasks that let us see a difference right away. Having a neat desk enables to focus more easily. In the same way, when I remove everything that lies around on the kitchen table, I feel I can see more clearly, it puts me in a good mood and it motivates me to keep tidying. A few leads if you want to have a positive effect rapidly: clearing work surfaces, sorting mail, writing a shopping list, preparing the evening before what you must take the following day…

Get organized in a playful way

I stop at nothing to add fun to my organization: decorated boxes, multicoloured folders, a planner with inspiring quotes… I regularly tidy the virtual desktop of my computer, just to see the desktop picture of my holidays.
Treating yourself to small rewards is another way to get motivated. For example, I give myself 5 minutes to answer my e-mails and then in exchange I spend 5 minutes reading my favorite blogs.

home-made folders

After having fun making my own folders, putting my papers in order inside has seemed less tedious to me

If you have other ideas to enjoy getting organized, your comments are welcome.

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