Reception table at the Élysée Palace in Paris

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to admire a gala table in the reception hall at the Élysée Palace in Paris. Not that I was invited to a party at the French president’s residence, I just visited the Élysée Palace on the occasion of Heritage Day.

When a color pencils forum has suggested to do a drawing on the subject of a beautiful, I have pulled out the pictures I had taken of the Élysée feast table.

drawing of a reception table at the Élysée Palace in Paris

The plates are white with a dark-blue border and are scattered with gold. In the centre of the table, there are candelabra and jardinieres full of flowers. These are true silver-plated sculptures.

The jardiniere I have drawn dates from the 19th century and belongs to a set called “Louis XIV, Music and Dance”. I like those imposing decorations even if they leave little room for putting dishes.

Version française

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