Natalie Portman in Rodarte wedding dress

Actress Natalie Portman got married this summer. She was wearing a white plainly cut dress by Rodarte. I have read some reviews regretting that her outfit lacked glamour and glitter.

drawing of Natalie Portman in Rodarte knee lenght wedding dress

I think she is perfect, most probably because I prefer excess simplicity to excess meringue. The full skirt is tea length so there is no risk of tripping over her dress.
The gown’s sleeves and neckine are made of tulle and some fabric flowers form straps on the shoulders. Natalie Portman wears her hair loose and a flower garland. With an ear to ear grin that lights up her face, the bride doesn’t need any jewels. Lastly, she wears ballet shoes that are ideal for dancing all evening.

I like this wedding outfit for its bucolic charm and because it seems practical to be at ease on this special day.

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