Tidy and Unclutter Tips

Click the picture below to download my best Tidy and Unclutter Tips (in PDF format).

Tidy and Unclutter Tips

It’s a small book that gathers some pieces of advice I have tested and validated in order to sort out the mess. Of course, the mess often tries to come back but now I can manage it.

I have also tried to illustrate those hints but the characters I have drawn have not wanted to take my advice and have started clowning around. Please don’t imitate them as they show what not to do.

The document I’m sharing here is neither for organized people nor for happily disorganized people. But if you are fed up with mess, I hope some hints will be able to help you.
Finally, here is an extract from my Tidy and Unclutter Tips with my favourite word of advice: Persevere!


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PS : If you can’t read the PDF document, download Adobe Reader
PPS : Feel free to write your feedback in the comments section

Version française

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