Summer look

Lately, I have done some research to know how to dress more ethically. I have found some brands and even shops specialized in Ethical Fashion. I have also spotted nice clothes and done some shopping. I will tell you more about my purchases after I test them.

I don’t buy all the clothes that I spot (it wouldn’t be reasonable, would it?) but I have found a way to solve this problem: when a garment catches my eye, I draw it and it joins my virtual fashion collection. After drawing streetstyle, fashion show and red carpets, I start a new series of ethical fashion drawings. I begin with a seasonal outfit to lounge on a deckchair.

drawing of a woman relaxing on a deckchair

  • Organic and fairtrade cotton Tudo Bom orange shorts
  • Organic and fairtrade cotton Monsieur Poulet T-shirt, illustrated by Tony Riff.
  • K.Jacques sandals made in France (in Saint Tropez)

Version française

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