My review of microfiber towel

I discovered the concept of microfiber towel in a an article by Tim Ferris on travelling light

I thought it was a good idea and I bought a microfiber towel to carry with me when I travel.

drawing of a woman wrapped in a microfiber towel in her bathroom

Here is my opinion after testing it:

+ My towel is 120 cm by 60 cm. It’s smaller than a bath sheet but it can dry the body and also the hair because it’s very absorbent.
+ It dries faster than a regular towel.
+ It’s much lighter and less bulky than a bath towel.

– It’s less fluffy than a terry towel. That’s why I save it for travels and it’s not my everyday towel.
– It looks like my microfiber cleaning cloths. Be careful not to mix them up when you’re half-awake!
– The one I have bought fades in the wash

Eventually my feedback is quite positive. Incidentally I’m not the only one to find this towel useful as it disappeared from my hotel room on my latest trip. Fortunately the hotel paid me back and I bought another microfiber towel.

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