Ethical evening dress

I have drawn a colorful ethical evening dress I have spotted but meanwhile I have realised that the dress’ brand has shut down. It’s a pity but fortunately there are other ways of finding nice ethical evening dresses:

* You can buy a second-hand dress (the advantage : there is no chance you will wear the same outfit as someone else).

* Some sustainable fashion brands such as People Tree or Honest by make elegant evening dresses. I can more easily mention French ethical brands: Ethos, Ekyog, My Philosophy or fashion designer Valentine Gauthier.

* If you can sew, you can make a custom gown.

* The most ecological and economical solution is to borrow an outfit or to reuse an outfit that you already have. Then you can play with some accessories to get a new look. I think that if a need a party outfit, I will first go through my drawers.

drawing: the same dress but with different accessories

the same dress but with different accessories

And you, have you already worn an ethical evening outfit? Do you have good tips to share?

drawing of a woman wearing a raspberry pink strapless dress with a ethical two-tone stole

On the drawing:

  • Raspberry pink strapless dress
  • Silk fairtrade Soieries du Mekong two-tone stole made in Cambodia

One thought on “Ethical evening dress

  1. Hi,
    Nice ethical dress to wear in summers..Its winters here and I start shivering once I start thinking about wearing this. Great design anyways and its very much used by the women out here.


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