Meditating with the rain

After reading about meditation benefits, I tried to follow advice found on the internet: slowly breathing from the belly, visualise the air that enters and leaves my lungs, letting go the intrusive thoughts etc.

Well, it didn’t work for me. However I have noticed that there are times when I manage to clear my mind and to be in the moment:
* when I watch a snowfall through a window
* when I watch the rain falling through the windshield when I am a passenger in a car (it works only in a car, not through my windows at home, I don’t know why)
* when I watch waves crashing on beach or on rocks

In short, I have been meditating without knowing it. But it’s a little bit constraining to wait for bad weather or untill I go to the sea. So I keep experimenting. If you know meditation techniques for dummies, feel free to leave a comment.

drawing of a sitting woman who tries to meditate while looking at a snow globe

Attempt to medidate using a snow globe (it doesn’t work either 😉 )

Version française

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