2014 Golden Globes: my favorite outfits

This year I have spotted the outfits and accessories of several actresses at the Golden Globes:

the audacious Emma Watson

Emma Watson is wearing a two-sided Dior outfit. The front is a red long gown. The back is an open dress and the young woman is wearing figure-hugging black pants. It could have been awful but in fact the result is a success. Even Emma Watson’s midnight blue stilettos match the rest of her outfit.

drawing of Emma Watson wearing a Dior red long dress and black trousers at the 2014 Golden Globes

Cate Blanchett, radiant and ethical

Cate blanchett is wearing Chopard earrings, each one looking like a rolled-up branch whose leaves are diamonds. This jewel is fairmined certified.

drawing of Cate Blanchett wearing Chopard ethical diamond earrings at the 2014 Golden Globes

You can see those earrings more closely on Eco-Age website

Lupita Nyong’O, the best dress

Lupita Nyong’O is wearing my favorite outfit. The beginner actress is wearing a Ralph Lauren red off-the-shoulder gown with an attached cape.

drawing of Lupita Nyong’O wearing a Ralph Lauren red off-the-shoulder cape dress at the 2014 Golden Globes

Emma Thompson, the flying stilettos

Finally here is a link to the video showing Emma Thompson throwing her Louboutin stilettos. I admit that I did not pay attention to the reste of her outfit but I had a laugh like I had had a laugh reading her speech at the National Board of Review gala the week before.

Version française

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