An ethnic chic outfit for a wedding

For some time I have been thinking about a new section of portraits of people wearing their favorite clothes, the kind of clothes that make you feel good and that you want to keep for a long time. For this first portrait I am grateful to Cerise for accepting to be drawn in an outfit she wore at a wedding. She’s wearing a black plainly cut outfit that is made warmer by touches of orange. Her outfit is both vivid and elegant.

drawing of a black outfit that is made warmer by touches of orange to attend a wedding

Who are you?

Cerise Cerise, a friend of Marmite NorvĂ©gienne 😉 [Marmite NorvĂ©gienne is Cerise’s blog (in French) about haybox]

Could you tell me the story of your outfit?

Well… it was for the wedding of a close relative. I had found absolutely nothing that suited me until I came across an ethnic (not especially ethic otherwise it would have been highlighted) clothes shop one week before the ceremony. When trying on the clothes, I felt comfortable, which is quite rare. I was dreading a too dressy outfit that I wouldn’t wear again and everything I was seeing of this kind was at an outrageous price. There the whole outfit costed 90 euros.
I’m wearing MĂ©ph*sto sandals I already had and I bought a pendant to a local potter to be the finishing touch. My outfit was noticed, it’s most likely linked to the fact that I felt at ease in it! I still have it, it has been recycled for summer and/or for dance class.

You say that you have worn again this outfit since. Was it important for you to choose an outfit that you could easily wear again? Why?

I have difficulty in finding organic clothes in my size. I mainly wear clothes I am given or second-hand clothes and I keep them for a very very long time if I feel good wearing them. Then if it is a ‘real purchase’, it might as well be useful!

Thank you Cerise!

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