Malta delegation at the Sochi Winter Olympics

I wanted to draw the Maltese delegation at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics because this delegation is not common. Indeed only one athlete is representing Malta. Her name is Elise Pellegrin and she is a French-Maltese skier. Her grand-father immigrated to France. Thus Elise was born in France and she’s living in the Vosges mountains.

drawing of Elise Pellegrin carrying a Maltese flag at the Sochi Winter Olympic Games opening ceremony

Elise Pellegrin carrying a Maltese flag at the Sochi Olympic Games opening ceremony

It’s the first time Malta takes part in Winter Olympic Games. It must be said that winter sports are not very practice: last time it snowed in Malta was in 1962!

For more information, see Elise Pellegrin facebook page

Version française

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