Denim shirt and Fashion Revolution

drawing of a woman wearing a shirt inside-out for Fashion Revolution Day

I only have a few ethical clothes but fortunately my illustrated characters can wear all the clothes I spot on the internet.

So my illustration is wearing a shirt of the French sustainable brand L’Herbe Rouge, worn inside-out.

Why inside-out? Because this blog supports the ‘Fashion Revolution Day’ which will take place on April 24th. One year after the Rana Plaza tragedy, we can join this international movement so that our clothes are finally produced in good conditions. It’s very easy to participate:

1. Take a picture of you wearing an item of clothing inside-out

2. Share the picture on social media (facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest etc.) with the hashtag #insideout.

3. Contact the brand and ask ‘Who made my clothes?’

The aim of this campaign is to initiate a connection between consumers and the people who made their clothes. When you wear a garment insideout, you can see the label on it and learn where your clothes were made. When you write to a brand, it’s to let them know that their clients want to know how their clothes were made and who made them.

I have played the game and sent an email to l’Herbe Rouge to ask where this shirt was coming from. They have quickly answered me that it is made in Europe:

– the buttons are made in France

– the fabric is made in Spain and ‘made in green’ certified (manufactured in factories which respect the environment and the rights of workers)

– the shirt is sewn in Romania by a workshop specialized in sustainable clothes and dyes

It would be nice if all brand were as transparent as them. The problem is that many brands subcontract and don’t even know where the clothes are made. But they will find out if the consumers ask them.

Besides taking a picture of you wearing an item of clothing inside-out, you can follow the international campaign on Fashion Revolution website.

Version française

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