Olga Kurylenko wearing a pink dress at the 2014 Academy Awards

I have drawn actress Olga Kurylenko’s pink dress at the Academy Awards. It’s a sleeveless garnet-colored long gown. A piece of pleated fabric is sewn at an angle on the chest of the dress and spreads on the shoulder.

drawing of Olga Kurylenko wearing a pink eco-friendly long dress at the 2014 Academy Awards

Besides being elegant, this dress is also ecological : It’s made from GOTS certified organic peace silk. Peace silk is produced without killing the pupae. The fabric has been dyed with natural dyes: sappanwood and madder root.

The dress has been designed by Alice Elia, a French fashion student who won Red Carpet Green Dress competition. This competition is organised every year on the occasion of the Academy Awards.

For more information, see Red Carpet Green Dress website

Version française

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