Sabina in white lace dress

When I discovered Consciously Sartorial, Sabina’s blog, I fell in love with its aesthetics. This blog, written both in English and in Spanish, is an eye candy. Sabina has a gift for finding pictures, objects and clothes that are super-stylish and that are sustainable too.

Sabina has agreed to answer my questions and to pose in her favorite outfit, a white lace dress whose boho style I love.

drawing of Sabina wearing a white lace dress

Who are you?

I’m a 35-year-old language teacher, and part-time sustainable fashion aficionado. Born and bred in little Heidiland, I soon became curious about the big wide world out there. My first stop was a small island in the south of England. From there I regularly escaped to the capital, as well as to work in Holland and Italy for a while. Four years ago, my better half asked me to move back to his native Spain with him, I said “SI” and so here I am, ready for new adventures!

Could you tell me the story of your outfit?

I bought the dress in Gran Canaria, it was a last-minute buy for a local carnival night called “Eel carneval de los indianos”. The local custom demands that everyone wears white, preferably colonial-style costumes in keeping with what their people wore in South America at the time. It was possibly one of the most magical nights in my life! Everyone throws talcum powder at each other, and by the end of the night it feels like being surrounded by ghosts!

The necklace was a present from my dear cousin-in-law, friend and blog-life-saver Anita. She brought it all the way from sunny Bahia de Salvador in Brasil, one of my all-time bucket list destinations!

The straw bag comes from a small artisan workshop in Altea, a town on a hill near Alicante (Spain). Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten its name. It was a present from my husband, and holds lots of good memories (literally and non-literally).

The shoes, I have to admit, are from Topshop… They we’re the very first purchase from my first proper wage in England. I tend to wear them as little as possible, so they’ll hopefully last me for some time to come…

What are your favorite fashion shops/brands?

I live in a midsize city with little variety when it comes to shops, so I really enjoy shopping when we’re on holiday. Recently, I’ve come back to one of my old favourites, vintage clothing, I love Lotta Vintage in Madrid (, and Rokit in London (they also sell online:

I’m a huge fan of upcycling, one of the brands that has most impressed me in this field is Wintervachtjas from Holland. They’ve just released an amazing collection made from old curtains, which may sound a little bizarre, but it totally works! Sustainable leather bag brand O My Bag is also pretty high up on my wish list – I hope my husband is reading this…!

If I lived in the US, I’d wear pretty much everything by ethical super brand the Reformation – they’re just too good to be true!

I also adore Pachacuti’s fair trade Panama hats and I’m still incapable of deciding which latest Birkenstock’s model to choose for this summer – they’re all just so great!

Your blog is specialized in Sustainable Fashion. What would you advise to someone who is interested in dressing more ethically but doesn’t know where to start?

Inform yourself about all the different aspects of ethical shopping through websites such as Treehugger, Ecouterre, or
Clean Clothes, or books, like “The Sustainable Fashion Handbook” by Sandy Black and Hilary Alexander (available on Amazon).

Twitter is also a great place to find websites and blogs dedicated to ethical fashion, some of which might tell you a bit more about what’s happening in your local area.

I also think shopping more systematically is important, if you’re in need of a wardrobe edit, you might like Project 333 and Into Mind.

Once you’re in the know, you probably want to decide on a shopping strategy according to your budget. As a student with little financial resources for example, you’re best off going down the “vintage lane” ( Rokit, Asos Marketplace etc.), start customizing your clothes (check out I Spy DIY), or organizing a clothes swap with friends (see Swapaholics UK).

However, there are many great labels out there that are quite reasonably priced and they can usually be found in big cities or online. Take for example Nudie Jeans, with their repair-system they’re a pretty good buy!

Thank you Sabina!

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