Best Wishes and resolutions for 2015

Best Wishes card illustrated with picture of Valletta, Malta by night

Valletta by night

Last year in my New Year article I shared my 2014 resolutions and theme. One year later, it’s time for a short review.

Respect, the theme I chose for 2014, was very enlightening. Just by asking myself : are my decisions consistent with my theme? I looked at things from a different perspective.

Regarding resolutions, I kept some of them but I abandoned some others (such as exercising and less procrastinating ahem). I think that it’s difficult to focus on several goals at the same time.

Therefore this year I make it simple: I set myself one objective which is also my theme. This year’s theme is action. In other words, I declare war on procrastination 😉

So I wish you a Happy New Year full of exciting projects and realisations 🙂

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