December 2014 favorites

drawing of a little girl with a broken pencil and a dove

After a sad week marked by attacks in France and in Nigeria, I have on my mind Norway Prime Minister’s speech after 2011 attacks. He said that the answer to violence is even more democracy and even more humanity. Today that’s all I hope for.

I get back to my blog with my December 2014 favorites, those articles that I share because they inspire me, they make me think or they make me smile:

* A red cape coat at Armani Privé 2014 Fall Couture Fashion Show

* #SlowStreetStyle Lookbook A/W 2014/15

#SlowStreetStyle Lookbook Autumn/Winter 2014-2015 cover

I already mentioned this project in my October favorites. I am very honored to have been chosen to illustrate the cover of the #SlowStreetStyle Lookbook by Consciously Sartorial and So Good So Cute.

* Le Pantruche restaurant in Paris

* #thisgirlcan campaign videos by Sport England that want to encourage girls to get physically active and overcome fear of judgement

The videos show ordinary women playing sport. They have inhibitions, are slow, sweat or lack time but still they have fun! Very inspiring if exercising is one of your New Year’s resolutions.

* A Closet Detox Cheat Sheet

* A guide to make healthy changes

* What is the “true value” of fashion?

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