Fifties beach outfits

I have already written two articles on Fifties Fashion, one on day outfits and the other one on evening wear but this series would not be complete without the most important: beachwear!

In the fifties in France, more and more people take advantage of their annual leave to go on holiday. Beach outfits are usually laid back and comfortable.

Nevertheless beach clothes created by Haute Couture designers were to be at the cutting edge of fashion. For example this green outfit with a surrealism-inspired pattern from Grès 1948 Spring-Summer collection was ideal not to go unnoticed.

drawing of a woman wearing a green and white beach outfit by Grès

This strapless dress by Lanvin-Castillo has a typical New Look shape but what is funny is the choice of the fabric that is a mattress ticking fabric.

illustration of a woman wearing a Fifties white and grey striped beach dress by Lanvin-Castillo

And to feel like being on the beach, I finish by a Hermes purple one-piece strapless swimsuit.

illustration of a woman wearing a Fifties Hermes purple one-piece strapless swimsuit

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