Useful procrastination

My theme for this year being action, I am currently testing methods against procrastination. For the moment, the techniques I have tried are not efficient in the long run. No magic bullet then but there is a technique that is working well for me. I call it useful procrastination.

I give you an example. I don’t like cleaning indows. I do it the less often possible. However in one particular case, I enjoy cleaning the windows: it is when I have to research a particularly boring topic on the Internet. So instead of researching my topic, I do the windows. Suddenly window cleaning seems almost pleasant compared to boring topic researching.

The idea is to take advantage of procrastinating to do something useful. It can be cleaning, tidying, sorting papers, making phone calls etc. The important thing is to do something useful even if you don’t do what you planned at first.

And as for me, I know there will soon be a new urgent and dull task (some bookkeeping for example) that will make my research on the Internet look so much more attractive.

Drawing of a character asking: Are you sure that updating your facebook status is not useful procrastination?

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5 thoughts on “Useful procrastination

  1. Moi je procrastine, très violemment, mais je n’essaie pas de changer, ça fait partie de mon système de fonctionnement, j’aime repousser les choses désagréables (ou en tout cas que je n’ai pas spécialement envie de faire) et les faire dans le rush quand le délai approche, ça passe mieux 🙂

  2. Ca a l’air d’une bonne technique aussi 🙂 . Le problème c’est que certaines tâches que je dois faire n’ont pas de deadline alors ça peut trainer longtemps avec moi.

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