Bamboo print skirt at Armani Privé 2015 Summer Couture Fashion Show

Armani Privé fashion show was the one I prefered at 2015 Spring-Summer Couture Fashion Week.

The outfit I have drawn is made up of a black bustier, a beige skirt and a black tulle skirt with a bamboo pattern. A wide belt is tied on the skirt.

drawing of a woman wearing a black bustier and a beige skirt with a bamboo pattern from Armani Privé Couture 2015 Spring-Summer collection

I like the Japanese inspiration of the bamboo print and the belt that reminds a kimono belt. This inspiration can be found in all the collection that is both zen and smart.

I have also drawn a tutorial to do the same belt knot.

You can see all the pictures of this Fashion Show on Vogue website.

Version française

3 thoughts on “Bamboo print skirt at Armani Privé 2015 Summer Couture Fashion Show

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  3. je l’ai vu la semaine dernière, j’ai de suite pensé aux paniers dinette de quand j’étais petite !! c’est super fun, et pour l’été pourquoi pas ?!! en tout cas j’adore ta tenue !!bises

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