September 2015 favorites

Here are my September 2015 favorites:

* Charity Fashion Live

Charity Fashion Live team recreates London Fashion Week looks using charity shop clothes. Those creative stylists show that you can be stylish on a budget with a little imagination. You can also check Charity Fashion Live video.

* Emma Watson wearing an Edun black dress

Emma Watson wearing an Edun black dress. photo : Sarah Slutsky

Emma Watson in Edun. Photo : Sarah Slutsky

* Useful procrastination

* A belt

I found it in a charity shop for a small price. It will prevent my jeans from sliding down!

drawing of a woman wearing jeans, a belt and a bird print People Tree top

The girl on the drawing is wearing my jeans, my belt and a bird print People Tree top

* A tip for a lighter wallet

You can use a photocopy of your loyalty cards that work thanks to a bar code. It will lighten your wallet, you will avoid losing your cards or having your card eaten by a checkout belt (as it happened to me this summer).
Another idea: photographing the bar code of the card with your smartphone and showing the picture to the cashier.

* Every Thing You Own is a Relationship You’re In

Some reflexions by David who tried Marie Kondo decluttering method

* Life’s Priorities

Often we feel like we lack time but isn’t it a convenient excuse? Next time you feel like saying “I don’t have time” try saying “it’s not a priority” instead. It’s an interesting experiment.

Version française

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