Best Wishes for 2016 (and anti-procrastination review)

Here is the end of the year and it’s time for a review of my 2015 resolution. My theme of the year was action which implied eliminating procrastination.

Of course, I haven’t totally stopped procrastinating but I have managed to limit the damage.

So I share with you what helps me fighting procrastination:

* Publish my resolution on this blog

When I announced my resolution on my blog, I knew that I would write a review one year after and I didn’t want to fail publicly.

* Useful procrastination

* Anti-procrastination slogans

I have inspiring quotes and anti-procrastination slogans written on my to-do list and on my desktop.

drawing : just do it as an anti-procrastination motto

* Looking at the bigger picture

It’s asking questions : Why am I procrastinating now? What am I avoiding?

It’s also thinking of what could make me proud of myself this evening.

* Reading Zen Habits blog

As the name suggests, this blog gives advice on how to get into good habits while being zen.

* Realising that procrastination is an everyday struggle

That also means that if you fail one day, you can still succeed the following day.

* My guilt-free motto: ‘It’s never too late to do good’

Having learned a lot, I would like to continue my investigations so I have chosen effectiveness as theme of the year.

I wish you a Happy New Year and Effectiveness in realising your dreams 🙂

Best Wishes card illustrated with a Christmas tree and a little girl watching stars

Version française

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