First review of my clothing purchases

This article is not a haul with my latest purchases. Instead I will talk about the clothes and shoes I bought 2 or 3 years ago. I had the time to wear, stain, wash and use them. So now I’m ready for a review: Were those good buys, regarding style, comfort, quality and also ethics?

drawing of pullovers

* Marks & Spencer cashmere pullovers

I bought Marks & Spencer cashmere pullovers that are soft and don’t bobble. However, the elbows are worn out.

I would say that the ethics of my pullovers is not very good. Marks & Spencer has a sustainability strategy called ‘plan A’ with precise social and environmental goals. On the other hand, cashmere has a negative impact on the environment: cashmere overproduction is responsible for a desertification in Mongolia.

Would I buy them again: Maybe. I would like to find more durable pullovers and also try alpaga that seems to be more ecological than cashmere but very soft too.

drawing of socks

* Bleu Forêt socks

Bleu Forêt is a French brand of socks and tights. I bought elegant socks that are quite solid. In France they are sold in some supermarkets and department stores.

I would say that the ethics of my socks is good. Bleu Forêt socks are all made in France, in the Jura region.

Would I buy them again: Yes

drawing of a T-shirt

* An Ethos Paris T-shirt

It’s a simple organic T-shirt that is comfortable and enduring.

I would say that the ethics of my T-shirt is very good. Ethos Paris values Fair Trade and the Environment thanks to organic materials.

Would I buy it again: Yes

drawing of shoes

* Nike sneakers

I’m intensively wearing my Nike sneakers. They are comfortable and resistant even if they are not as waterproof as they were at the beginning.

I would say that the ethics of my sneakers is average. Since the nineties, Nike made some progress regardings its working conditions.

Would I buy them again: Yes. Still I would like to try Veja leather sneakers to find out if they can be a more ethical alternative.

* Clarks sandals

I’ve already mentioned those ultra-comfy shoes in my July 2014 favorites. Well, they’re still there.

I would say that the ethics of my sandals is average.

Would I buy them again: Yes

* Crocs Cleo sandals

I bought those plastic sandals in 2010 and today they are still like new. I start wondering if those shoes are everlasting.

I would say that the ethics of my sandals is average. Made with petroleum products, they are not ecological but they are vegan.

Would I buy them again: Yes

After reading my article again, I give the impression of being a smart shopper. The truth is that I bought other clothes that I haven’t really tried out. Indeed I wear them rarely, probably because those are shopping mistakes. We’ll talk about them in my next clothing purchases review.

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