Drawinterview with Ceri from Style Eyes blog

Style Eyes is one of the first Ethical Fashion blogs I followed. I love that this personal style blog is written by a person who stays authentic and whose outfits are within reach. Ceri shares her work wear or festival-goer looks and also her sustainable fashion discoveries.

I have drawn Ceri wearing her favorite outfit and I have asked her a few fashion questions.

drawing of Ceri from Style Eyes blog wearing her favorite outfit

Who are you?

I am Ceri, Mummy, Digital marketer, blogger and ethical fashion advocate.

Could you tell me the story of your outfit?

My hat is by pachacuti. It is one of my favourite accessories but for one reason or another, one that I don’t get the chance to wear as often as I would like. It is made by artisans for Pachacuti, a Fair Trade brand which not only makes lovely hats but also creates opportunities for those that have be economically disadvantaged by the trading system. My hat is made in a family run workshop in Northern Equador.

My vest top is made from Fairtrade cotton helping to ensure a better deal for cotton farmers.

The jacket was originally a vintage dressing gown that I found in a second hand shop and shortened to create a jacket and the jeans were from a charity shop both alternatives to buying new.

The necklace and ring are from a brand called Made UK another Fair Trade brand creating handmade accessories in Kenya.

What are your favorite fashion shops/brands?

All of my favourite shops combine style with sustainability and ethics. I buy lots of vintage and second hand from Oxfam’s online shop and Etsy. I also love People Tree, Annie Greenabelle, SkunkFunk, Braintree and Bibico.

Do you have tips to dress more ethically on a budget?

I think buying from charity shops is definitely the best way to shop ethically on a a budget. Not only do you save clothes from landfill and reduce your impact on the world by not buying new, but you also contribute towards a very worthwhile charity.

Thank you Ceri!

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