Best Wishes for 2017 and effectiveness review

January is the time to review my theme of the year that was effectiveness. Indeed each year, instead of a list of good resolutions, I choose a theme and I work on it.

Thus in 2016 I tried to be more efficient and especially to reduce my social media consumption. I have learnt several tips to be more productive such as using my phone to develop good habits or doing straightaway tasks that can be completed in two minutes.

This year, I have given birth to a baby girl who has made me stop wasting my time, in real life and on the Internet. There’s nothing better than a baby to help you to disconnect!

For 2017, I had no difficulties in finding a theme: it will be organisation. My goal is to be more organised to do what i have to do while taking care of a small baby. Incidentally, I’d like to find time to draw and blod… and manage to eat somthing else than raviolis.

I wish you a Happy New Year!

illustrated Best Wishes card

Version française

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