Best Wishes and Serenity Resolution

In 2018, I went back to blogging. I wrote on the French part of my blog and now I plan to write here too.

After having some sad moments last year, my priority today is to better manage my anxiety. So my resolution for 2019 is ‘Serenity’.

sérénité alias Serenity (drawing)

And here is my battle plan to find peace of mind:
* Walking

* Taking yoga or pilates classes

* Playing with my daughter who loves to run and to play ball games. This is a good way to exercise.

* Creating: writing, covering notebookss, taking pictures, sewing… Crafts are a good way to clear one’s head

* Limiting social media use

* Accepting that I don’t finish my to-do list. If I need to put things off, I will do it and nevermind.

* Prioritizing in order to reduce this to-do list

* Putting things into perspective because often we worry about things that are not so serious. And even if the situation is serious, you don’t sove problems by worrying.

* Counting my blessings

I wish you a Happy and Serene New Year!

Sunset Best Wishes card

Version française

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