Drawinterview with Tammy Fenech, coordinator of Fashion Revolution Malta

In 2018, Tammy was studying Sustainable Fashion when she launched the Maltese branch of Fashion Revolution, a global movement for a more Ethical and Sustainable Fashion. Tammy has kindly answered my questions about her journey, her favorite outfit and Fashion Revolution Malta.

drawing of Tammy, coordinator of Fashion Revolution Malta

Who are you?

I am Tamara Fenech, but everyone calls me Tammy. In 2013 I graduated with a Fashion Design degree which is where I found my passion for sustainable fashion & communication. After that I did a few internships with sustainable fashion brands and also gained some work experience in the field, in a few places around the world. Two and a half years ago, I moved to Berlin to start a Masters degree in Sustainability in Fashion, which I graduated in last October. A year ago I became the country coordinator of Fashion Revolution Malta, a global movement calling for a fairer & cleaner fashion industry – a non-profit organisation with a presence in over 100 countries around the world. Our vision is a fashion industry that values people, the environment, profit and creativity in equal measure.

What gave you the idea to launch Fashion Revolution Malta?

Last year I was going to be in Malta during FR Week. A few opportunities came about and it felt like the right moment to bring the conversation home. So I thought, I may as well set it off.

Could you tell me the story of your outfit?

This is one of my favourite outfits, from a few of my favourite brands. My jeans are from a Dutch brand called MUD Jeans, a brand that has built a business model that allows customers to rent jeans on a subscription model, were you can return your jeans for a new pair, should you wish to exchange them. I love their concept. My dress, which I wear as a top too a lot of the times, is from my all time favourite brand Reformation. I love their style, their look, their message, their everything. I find this piece so versatile and adaptable to different occasions, depending on how it is styled.
What I love about this outfit, from the pair of jeans to the black slip dress down to the Doc Martins shoes, is the fact that it is timeless. These are all items that do not follow any particular trend and will always be wearable and adaptable to present times. They are pieces that will last in my wardrobe.

Do you know good places (shops or fashion designers) to shop ethically in Malta?

In Malta it is slightly challenging – but also Malta is going through a time of change – I would firstly recommend to get to know the local designers on the scene – supporting them is always a great way to start. With regards to other high street brands, there are a few that are making more changes than others towards a more sustainable fashion future – so supporting those brands over others that do less, would be another way to go. For example some brands have more sustainable collections or are beginning to offer more sustainable materials – so its great to look at labels for the material contents & at the swing tags for any additional information should they be sustainable.

What events are planned in Malta for Fashion Revolution Week this year?

We are super excited to say that we have a whole week of events lines up for our second year running. This year we have managed to partner and team up with a variety of other organisations likes Zibel Malta (a local NGO organising clean-ups in Malta), Friends of the Earth Malta, Salt & C Malta, Malta Creative Collective, Levis and many more. On the agenda are a couple of Screenings & panel discussions, a clothes swap, 3 workshops and a Repair Cafe, were together with Levis we are offering free repair services for up to 5 pieces each. We are every excited about the whole week and cannot wait to see their outcomes!

Thank you Tammy! For more information on Fashion Revolution Malta:
* Fashion Revolution Website
* Fashion Revolution Malta on facebook
* Fashion Revolution Malta on instagram
* Tammy’s instagram page

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