ApollineR is the blog of a curious artist who has wide-ranging interests.

In the past, I used to collect notebooks to gather quotations, doodles, cut out pictures… I have started this blog to share these images, ideas and words that fill me with enthusiasm.
So you will find on this eclectic blog some articles and illustrations about:

  • Fashion, as seen on the runways as well as on the streets, between haute couture and slow fashion
  • Poems, paintings and sculptures I appreciate
  • Organization and fighting clutter
  • Some places discovered right near my home or during my trips
  • ethical consumerism or how to go shopping while having a clear conscience
  • Crafts and my drawings
  • Ecology in everyday life
  • Decoration
  • Simple Living because I like to travel light in life

In addition to sharing my favorites and best tips, I also tell and draw my experiences as a Parisian expatriate. After spending 2 years in Canada, now I live in Malta.

Fell free to contact me if you want to reuse an article or commission a drawing, or if you just want to discuss

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To date, there is no sponsored content, gifting or affiliate link on this blog. If there is in the future, it will be clearly disclosed.

Welcome to my blog!



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