A box covered with paper mosaic

box covered with paper mosaic collage

This is a shoebox I decorated a few years ago. I had the idea to stick to it small pieces of paper that would imitate mosaic tesserae.
I cut small colored squares of paper out of magazines. It took me ages! On the other hand, it was very effective to relax after a stressful day. Then I sorted the pieces of paper by color and I glued them to the box cover. I’m happy using this cardboard box with a spiral pattern as storage.

box covered with paper mosaic collage

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My new color pencils

This article is to show you my new Caran d’Ache “Pablo” color pencils because I think they are very beautiful. They are artist-quality colored pencils.

I have not chosen the biggest color pencils set but still this one holds a rainbow of colors. Some skin-colored pencils are missing so I will use my peach and apricot crayolas to draw faces.

boîte de crayons de couleur

I have not seen a big difference in the lines of my drawings but for sure I enjoy having a wider range of colors. Below is a picture of a field of flowers that I have drawn using my new pencils.

dessin d'un champ de fleurs

Pablo color pencils are made in Switzerland. You can find the specs on Caran d’Ache website and the color chart here (in pdf format)

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A pouch from a backpack

After having loyally followed me in my wanderings, my backpack gave up the ghost. I couldn’t make up my mind to throw it away. While I was inspecting it once again to be sure that it was damaged beyond repair, I noticed that the front pocket of the backpack was still in good condition.


I cut the outline of the front pocket. Then I oversewed the outline to prevent the fabric from fraying. I unstitched the brand logo. To complete the work, I cut the handle of the backpack and I sewed it on my new pouch.


Henceforth this pouch cut out of my old backpack travels with me.

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Cereal boxes folder

I have difficulty finding flap folders (flaps are essential if you are clumsy and don’t want to scatter your papers on the ground) so I have had the idea to make one. I have chosen cereal boxes as raw material because they have good dimensions. Indeed, two cereal boxes side by side are a little bigger than a letter or A4 sheet of paper.

cereal boxes

cut cereal boxes

Some cutting, montage and folding and I have a new cardboard folder to tidy my documents that were quickly piling up.

Cereal boxes folder

Cereal boxes folder

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From dress to tunic

When springtime comes, I tidy up my wardrobe. On that occasion, I find some clothes that I had forgotten. For instance, I found a dress that I had abandoned because it was too short and too original.


flowery dress

After much thought, I decided that the problem was the sleeves. So I cut the sleeves :

flowery tunic


I wear it as a tunic, with trousers or shorts. So the problem of length is solved.

And I have had the idea of sewing the sleeves together to make a scarf :


flowery scarf


I am a beginner sewer. I have borrowed the book “sewing for dummies” from the library. I have learned the basics with the help of internet and this book. Then, I have practiced by making purses.

I think that reconstructing clothes is easier than creating one. You see quickly the result of your work and you don’t need a sewing machine.

And you, have you ever given old clothes a second life?

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Eco-friendly swap (received)

This is the continuation of the Eco-friendly swap. Here is the swap I got from my cyberfriend La Griotte (her blog in French is La Griotte croque son blog):

swap sent by La Griotte


I was spoiled with a lot of surprises in the packet:

* a herbal tea for sleeping

* a fair trade organic chocolate bar with orange because I love chocolate

* some seeds that can be sprouted with some gauze and the directions for use (I wanted to test sprouting)

* Soap nuts (I wanted to try them)

* Dried tomatoes (I wanted to try them too)

* and a nice recycled paper notebook with eco-friendly recipes for cosmetics, cooking, health, cleaning and crafts. La Griotte collected these useful recipes from several bloggers.

La Griotte was well-advised because I am fond of good food and inquiring.

Thank you La Griotte!

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Eco-friendly swap (sent)

I have signed up for an Eco-friendly swap. For this barter, I had to find an eco-friendly present or something made from reclaimed materials. I had to send this present to a cyberfriend, Cerise (her blog in French is Marmite Norvégienne ). But Cerise knows a lot about Ecology. Therefore, I tried to use my imagination, at the risk of being irrelevant.

My packet contained:

– a notebook about decluttering and organizing that gives some advice from my favourite web sites. I made some drawings to illustrate it.

– a reclaimed box. I made a collage with flower pictures.


box decorated with flower pictures

box decorated with flower pictures


– and a few cookies in the box.



That was my first swap. That’s a good experience that stimulates creativity.

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Picture frames

After some hesitation, I have added a new category called “Crafts” to show my creations. So I will keep a memento of the items I give and hopefully I will see my progress as time goes by.

My latest creation is a cardboard picture frame. I painted cabbages because it was a birth present for a baby boy. And in France it is said that little boys are born in cabbages.


cadre choux

At the same time, I made a trompe-l’œil frame. The cardboard frame imitates wood. And now the difficult part is to choose a picture to put into the frame.

cadre trompe l'oeil

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