Jessica Alba on a Velib

When she is in Paris, Jessica Alba uses the bike sharing system, Velib, like the average tourist.

In the first image, the actress prefers practicality to fashion with a beanie hat, a sweater, leggings and ballet flats. She saves her winter outfit thanks to a smile and to her self-confident appearance. I have to remember it next time I dress like a frump.

drawing of Jessica Alba on a Velib in Paris in winter

The second outfit she’s wearing while riding is nicer in my opinion but as practical as the first one. This time it’s summertime and Jessica Alba is wearing blue printed strapless jumper with sandals.

drawing of Jessica Alba on a Velib in Paris in summer

Good news, you don’t need a limousine nor haute couture clothes to play the star. All you need are a bike and oversized sunglasses.

Version française

Susie from Style Bubble in grey shades

Susie Lau is a fashion blogger known for her unique outfits and her bold associations of colors. Started as a hobby, his blog Style Bubble is now her job. Her outfits are generally too extravagant for me but I admire her for expressing her uniqueness, whether people like it or not.

Susie Bubble

On her blog, I have spotted a outfit that questions my idea that grey is a sad color (sidewalk grey) and that it goes unnoticed (mouse grey). In this drawing, Susie’s wearing a multi-pocketed geometric jacket in several tones of grey. The jacket draws the attention with its modern and asymmetric cut. A nude skirt and top complements and brightens up the blogger’s outfit.

drawing of Susie Bubble

Version française

Streetstyle : wide-brimmed hat and pleated dress

In the small harbour of Steveston, one of the tourist attractions of Greater Vancouver, a silhouette is out of place among Sunday strollers. A brown wide-brimmed hat with a brown ribbon with white polka dots protects her from the sun. The romantic hat contrasts with the modern pleated trapeze dress. The abstract pattern of the dress looks like blood and ash colored fireworks.

drawing of a woman wearing a pleated dress

seen in Steveston near Vancouver, BC

Version française

Streetstyle : little summer dress

In the street, I observe passers-by’s outfits as I am always curious and looking for inspiration. Sometimes I stop in front of a look I like and I try to store its details in my memory in order to recreate it later.
Thus I stopped short in front of this little summer dress. I like its simplicity and lightness suitable for very hot days.

summer dress

seen on Denman Street in Vancouver

Version française